Responsible Gaming

Gbets is a proud supporter of the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP). The NRGP researches and monitors problem gambling, educates the public about problem gambling and provides treatment for problem gamblers.

Recreational gamblers gamble on social occasions with friends or colleagues. They have pre-determined acceptable losses and their gambling activities are associated with little or no harm / guilt. Recreational gamblers simply require information and education on gambling behaviour in order to make sensible decisions. A problem gambler is anyone who spends so much money and/or time gambling that they do significant harm to themselves or to others. Typically, excessive gambling causes them problems at home or at work and threatens their financial security. To finance their gambling, they borrow money which they cannot easily pay back and they spend money on gambling which should be spent on personal and household necessities. Common symptoms include missing work to gamble, returning to gamble after a big loss to recoup losses, gambling until no money is remaining, borrowing money to fund gambling and considering suicide as a result of gambling.

For a small proportion of people, gambling is a problem and may even result in compulsive addictive behaviour. If you think you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, contact the NRGP toll-free on 0800 006 008 for discreet professional help. Additional resources, including information on education, prevention and treatment of problem gambling as well as a list of frequently asked questions can also be found at